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Why Indoor Cycling is the Best Exercise for Busy People


The current lifestyle of people is what prevents them from maintaining a healthy body. For a person who works a graveyard shift, eating a lot of food and failure to be active by day is what makes them gain weight. Others are remain seated throughout the day after having a meal, which resulted in bulging bellies. There are a lot of factors that make a person gain weight, but there’s one solution to lose them, especially if your schedule is too hectic. That is indoor cycling.

What Is Indoor Cycling?

Indoor cycling is the best way to burn calories inside your home or in the office. It’s like riding your regular bike, but the difference is that you’re not moving. Only you need to do burn calories is to keep on pedalling and watch out for the speed that is displayed by the built-in computer. To get access to this exercise tool, you don’t have to force yourself to come out of the house to exercise or rent equipment at the gym. As a matter of fact, you can buy exercise bikes online. All you need is to check the features of each model you see online and read the descriptions whether it suits your needs.

Why Choose Stationary Cycling?

Riding a bike in a stationary position can also help you burn calories. Along the many indoor exercises, cycling is considered the best option for cardio. In doing the cardio, it needs a variety which indoor cycling can offer. What it helps strengthen is the heart and your respiratory system without going overboard of exercising. Other than that, this type of exercise empowers your lower body with the frequent contraction as well as the expansion of the muscles in the lower body as you pedal hard. The amount of effort you have to give in the pedals help you lose weight as cycling burns a lot of calories. It even improves the joints in your knees, ankles, and hips as these parts rotate every time you step the pedal.

Aside from the physical benefits that you can gain from indoor cycling, it also has psychological effects. When you do cycling, the happy mood inducing hormones called Endorphins are secreted by the body, which alleviates the stress level of the person.

How to Set Up the Bicycle Properly?

In setting up the bike for exercise, you should be keen with the seat height, the handlebar adjustments, and the position of the seat and the placement of the foot in the pedal. It is essential that everything is in place because ignoring the proper location in doing the indoor cycling can lead to severe injuries.

Before you step into the pedal, you should be able to adjust every part on your most comfortable position to achieve favourable results from indoor cycling. The handlebars and seats should be adequately screwed to avoid wobbling because this can damage the hips.

Indoor cycling is an easy yet effective cardiovascular exercise that busy people should try at home. You can do solo indoor cycling or by the group when you join a class. You can even move the equipment from one place to another, which makes this exercise high recommended for indoor fitness activities.

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