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What to Expect During Your Dog’s First Chiropractic Visit


It is important to ensure the health and wellbeing of your pet as a responsible pet owner. Traditional veterinary care is an essential aspect of this but you can also look into alternative therapies like chiropractic care once you discuss it with your dog’s veterinarian. Chiropractic care looks into the relationship between the spine and the nervous system of the dog.

You can ask your dog’s veterinarian to provide a referral to an animal chiropractor so that they can be part of the decision making process. They will be able to select a dog chiropractor that specialises in care for the condition your dog has. And the chiropractic care can go parallel to veterinary care. The dog chiropractor will be provided the relevant medical history by the veterinarian. You need to gather any medical records you have regarding your dog which can include MRI results, previous X-rays and notes on previous surgeries or injuries so that the chiropractor can understand the health background of your dog. You need to observe your pet carefully so that you can note any behaviours or symptoms that are out of the normal for them. This can be a new reluctance to climb stairs, jump, stiffness or limping. This can be information that can be quite valuable during the consultation. Make sure that you avoid feeding the pet right before the appointment so that they will not be in any discomfort during the session.

During the chiropractic visit, there are a few things you can expect.

There will be a consultation, examination and a chiropractic adjustment. The beginning of the visit is a detailed consultation. The chiropractor will ask about the medical history of your pet and whether you have noticed any specific issues. This is a very important step when it comes to understanding the context of your dog’s health. They will then carry out a comprehensive physical examination with more focus on the spine and joints of the dog. In this, they will palpate the muscles surrounding the spine to see if there are any areas of tension. They will move the pine and the limbs of the dog to get an idea about their mobility and whether there are any restrictions. There will be a gait analysis done so that any irregularities in their walking or running can be ascertained.

The chiropractor will perform specific adjustments based

On the findings from the examination so that any misalignments can be addressed. These will be gentle adjustments that are tailored to the condition and size of the dog. There will be manual adjustments where hands are used to apply precise force to the joints or spine. The chiropractor will also use special tools to deliver adjustments if the dog is small or sensitive. There can be some slight discomfort during this but most dogs tend to tolerate this quite well. After the adjustment, there may be certain reactions that the dog will exhibit but this tends to be quite temporary. Some will show immediate improvement and some dogs can be quite tired after the session.


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