Fitness — September 24, 2019 at 5:24 am

Understanding the Role of Technology in the Fitness Industry


It’s safe to say that technology has ingrained itself into every aspect of our life and there’s no doubt that we’re just starting things off. Pretty soon every perspective of ours will probably be shaped by all-consuming technology and there’s no doubting that it does make life much easier. It has definitely made a difference in the fitness industry- from the training experience ranging to biometric evaluations. Here’s everything you need to know:

Online marketing

We absolutely have to start off with one of the biggest advantages technology has given the fitness industry in terms of audience and reach. Social media has changed the game- when you look at platforms like Facebook and Instagram, there are plenty of fitness inspired pages with a sizeable number of followers that are increasing at a rapid rate. Having technology has allowed more people to better understand the concept of fitness and how it fits into everyday living. Progressing from a time when newspapers, coupons and banners were the methods of advertising, this is a step forward that is far more convenient.


When speaking about social media, however, we cannot forget the impenetrable community that comes with it. By immersing yourself in fitness communities online, you get to be more in touch with people like you across the world. These are people who have been in your position and are more likely to be able to spare a moment to send you a message rather than free some time in real life.


You’ll find that there are definitely far more virtual training programs on the Internet now than when compared to past years. This caters to people who have no time to go out of their way to a gym, can’t afford a membership and just want to learn how to be more fit. It could also cater to people who suffer from anxiety- they don’t feel comfortable stepping into a new zone and communicating with new people. By having fitness videos and instructions online, it helps reach a whole different level of impact. And you don’t always have to pay for these instructions!


There are plenty of new fitness machinery being introduced to the market these days. What used to be a basic treadmill now has options of sound inclusion or allows you to monitor your heartrate. With each passing day, there’s something new being introduced to a centre. Let’s also not forget the many gadgets in Melbourne that are used too. For example, there are various fitness trackers that help keep track of various mechanisms in the body. It has also helped with medical innovations that help in areas such as rehabilitation and medical conditions.

As you can see, technology doesn’t just play a minor role in the fitness industry- it is a leading champion. Technology has helped spread the words and ways of fitness, it helps inspire and it helps in the course of recovery and improvement as well! Clearly it has gone quite far when you compare this progress to several years back!

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