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The perfect guide to select the best sport for you


It is so easy to distinguish a body of a person who does sports from a person who doesn’t. That’s why most people love to work out and be on shape. But the main difference about sports and working out is that while working out bulks focusses on your body, sports helps you to achieve more things easily. But a lot of people have a big issue on the selection of the sport that works for them. How can you pick the best one?

All you need to do is following these 5 guidelines.

  1. Your passion

Your passion or what you find amazing to be around is a vital factor that can help you pick the best sport for you. For an instance, if you like mountainous area, you could try getting into mountain biking. Your love for deep water could make you a great diver and the urge to be in the middle of field that is surrounded by loud supporters could be a good reason to get into football, rugger or even cricket.

  1. Your height

Although it is said that sky is the limit, you need to comprehend the more realistic situations here. If you’re a shorter person than the average, basketballisn’t for you. Maybe football or even rugger could come in hand. Sometimes the physical dimensions affect to a point where ether being tall or short is basically why you get to perform more, period.

  1. Your phobias

Not knowing how to do, or being paranoid is completely different from being phobic. The best example is the comparison of people who are scared of water because they do not know how to swim and the ones who are straight up waterphobic. If you’re claustrophobic, the last sport you should play is rugger. Like that, you must consider your phobias every time.

  1. The availability

Being in India and wanting to do ice hockey is not practical. Being in Australia and wanting to have a career of American football is equally questionable. This is why you need to consider the availability of both the infrastructural facilities and the existence of the sport in the country. We always should work according to the realistic situations.

  1. The risks

There is a risk in every sport. But the chances to have physical injuries in rugger is higher than that of in cricket. Likewise, you need to intelligently review on what you can take and the possible risks. This would greatly help you to select the best sport that works for you.


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