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The biggest fitness and weight loss myths


Increasing interest in the healthcare fields and especially the weight loss and fitness industries have populated the internet with poorly researched claims and other kinds of misinformation. Unlike most other kinds of misinformation, those in the health spheres are inherently harmful as they may give the wrong advice to the people reading them which can worsen their health issues or give rise to new ones.

There is also a predatory background to both of these industries as they can be used to exploit and profit off vulnerable people by giving them wrong information or claiming to have a solution to their problems out of malicious intent. The sheer volume of information available online on the subject would make any researcher skeptical on the validity, and one should always verify the information they gain from online sources, especially if they are motivated by financial interest.

Just dieting is enough

While diet is important, physical activity is similarly, if not more important, especially for obese people trying to get in shape. Limiting caloric intake or following a strict diet takes a lot of willpower and allows for few mistakes. Relapsing back into old habits and diets will cause all the lost weight to be regained. Similarly, if the strategy was to severely limit food intake, the body might respond by storing more food as fat due to the sudden change in eating habits. This can do more harm than good. Exercise on the other hand is easier to follow than dieting while being similarly rewarding. If the objective is to get in shape, physical exercise is mandatory. Even if one wants to simply lose weight, without physical exercise, the weight loss will mostly be from muscles. Due to this reason, most fitness programmes such as weight loss retreats Perth include both diet control as well as physical activity.

All fats are bad and should be avoided

Fats are a group of nutrients that gives energy to our bodies. Since it is synonymous with the state of being fat, there is a myth that all fat is bad for you and should be avoided in order to lose weight or become healthier. This is not true, and we require a balance of all nutrients to be healthy. However, excessive fat is bad for you and since fat has more calories per gram, someone who consumes fatty foods may end up with a higher caloric intake in order to satisfy their hunger and someone eating a balanced meal. Eating smaller amounts of food with healthier fats is the advised diet, with less than 10% of the daily caloric intake being from saturated fats.

You can lose weight fast

Although many people look for a secret method that will help them lose weight or get in shape quickly, reality does not work that way. If one’s existing lifestyle led them to be obese, changing it is necessary to get in shape, and this does not happen quickly. Methods that guarantee quick weight loss almost never work and even if they do, the lost weight is usually regained over time.

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