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Skills That You Can Turn into An Instant Business


Some people think that creating a business is a difficult task due to the lack of business idea and high capital. If you think about it carefully, it’s actually easy and it does not really have a high capital requirement. If such is the only thing that is holding you back from the starting your own, then you should read the list below for some ideas on low capital business.


Bento boxes and tiffins are food traditions that never grows old. Up until today, you can see restaurants serving it. So why not do the same? Cook some meals and then place it on a bento box or tiffin. After which, you can offer it to office employees who commonly resort to fast food chains. The bento boxes and tiffins are healthier options that one will surely be delighted of.


You can also offer one-on-one tutorials with kids and adults – either in person or through internet video calls. This is such a simple business because you only need your knowledge to teach. Your lessons can vary from the primary school’s simple arithmetic to the adults’ foreign language classes. Although these are the classic examples of tutorial lessons, you can also venture into music lessons such as voice, guitar, violin, saxophone, flute, and trumpet. You don’t really need an instrument as long as your student will bring his own. After much talking, you will earn. Simple, isn’t it?

Lazy Yoga

If you have a talent for lazy yoga, you have an exceptional gift in allowing people to relax and unwind. Although there is a variety of it, you should make sure that you are familiar to each one – and why is one better than the other one. If you’re having a hard time, you should consider taking massage courses Brisbane as enrichment programs that you should capitalize on. Furthermore, this is not a costly business as you only need some essential oils to do the job. You can even provide lazy yoga at your client’s home. Through this, you need not invest in the beds, towels, and the likes.


If you want something that’s not physically exhausting, you can try something crafty such as crochet and cross-stitch. This time around, you don’t have to teach. You just have to create masterpieces then you can sell it in the market. For the cross-stitch pieces, it is best if you place it on a framed glass. For the crochet clothing, you can place it in plastic packaging to make it easier to decipher. It’s actually simple as the cost of materials such as needle and thread are so minimal. You really don’t have to worry about it.

The possibilities are endless. You just need to have some courage to take a leap into the untested waters, and some creativity to navigate through the consumer-centered market. There are numerous options that you can consider and the list aforementioned is just some of the options. Consider other ideas and always be open to whatever it is that lies ahead.

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