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Benefits of Comprehensive Physiotherapy Assessments for the Elderly


Physiotherapy is a healthcare discipline that focuses on restoring, maintaining and improving physical function. Before a treatment plan is created, the physiotherapist will carry out a comprehensive assessment in order to address the unique needs of the elderly.

You can visit to get an idea of the variety of physiotherapy services provided. A comprehensive assessment includes evaluating the health, functionality and overall wellbeing of the individuals. Physiotherapists take a holistic approach when it comes to addressing the needs of individuals by taking into account their existing conditions and identifying potential issues. Aged care physiotherapy focuses on improving the mobility of seniors and expanding their independence. This is a great way to improve their quality of life. The physiotherapist will examine joint flexibility, balance and muscle strength to see if there are any areas of stiffness or weakness. This allows them to come up with targeted interventions. They will sometimes recommend mobility aids to the seniors so that they can be more independent in their daily life. They will also help tailor an exercise programme for the individual so that their overall mobility can be improved.

Falls are a big risk to seniors

And this can lead to injuries that can have long term implications. In a physiotherapy assessment, the coordination, gait and balance of the individual will be assessed so that the potential fall risks can be understood more clearly. These findings will be used to create a targeted exercise routine for the individual so that their stability can improve gradually reducing the risk of falls. Many seniors experience chronic pain and a physiotherapy assessment can help identify the root cause of this so that a personalised treatment plan can be developed to target it. There are many musculoskeletal conditions that can give rise to pain along with many other factors. Some of the targeted interventions that will be carried out will be manual therapy and exercises. The physiotherapists will assess the cardiovascular health of the individual as well. Heart health is positively affected by regular physical activity therefore, there will be aerobic exercises recommended to the individual by the physiotherapist. This will also help increase the stamina of the senior in carrying out their daily activities.

There are many respiratory issues that can arise with age

And any concerns associated with lung function will be identified at the assessment. The physiotherapists will recommend respiratory muscle training and breathing exercises in order to improve lung capacity. This will also help manage respiratory conditions. A comprehensive physiotherapy assessment will lead to a personalised exercise programme that takes into account the specific capabilities and requirements of an individual. Some of the elements of this programme will include aerobic activities, balance drills, strength training and flexibility exercises. The physiotherapists will work with the seniors to reach their health goals by updating the routines as they get stronger and healthier. A combination of education, manual therapy and exercise can help management of chronic diseases in the elderly population.


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